Debbie despairs of finding a solution but the Whack a Mole crisis is finally resolved

Radio Times: Kate admits her true feelings and David offers a solution

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  • Debbie encounters a defensive Kate, who orders her sister not to lecture her. Debbie tries to cheer Kate up by saying how well she keeps Spiritual Home, but Kate is not minded to succumb to soft-soaping. Debbie talks through the various options for Home Farm, but Kate rejects them all, and launches into a soliloquy about what Spiritual Home means to her, how she is touch with the earth there, how she is sick of fresh starts and how Spiritual Home makes life worth living.
  • Robert’s Whack a Mole continues to malfunction, despite learned technical suggestions from Kenton, David and, finally, Jim. Could it be touch sensors? Finally it appears that a spirit level is needed and the single mole is ready to be duly whacked. Lynda, meanwhile, is painting the rest of the moles, though their aggressive expressions cause comment. Monty refuses to continue his counting lessons, but when the mole comes down the chute, Monty attacks it and decapitates the animal.
  • Debbie rings David to ask for a listening ear and a stiff drink. She also needs to talk to Ruth. She tells David how hard it is to find a solution that will suit everyone. It seems that whatever is decided, someone she loves will be badly hurt.

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