Emma grows angrier in her battle with Damara and Jennifer seems to have come to a decision to sell the house.

Radio Times: Jennifer comes to a painful decision

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  • Emma brings Ed’s mobile to Jennifer. She asks Jennifer if she has heard about the protests against Damara’s cuts to the affordable housing builds. Jennifer wearily replies she hasn’t spoken to Justin in quite a while. Emma asks if Jennifer could provide a link on the village website to the Facebook protest page. Jennifer says she has more pressing worries just now.
  • Alice is taking a break while working from home and she encounters Brian. He asks if her mother has sent her to spy on him. Alice brings up the topic of driverless combines and tractors but Brian notes that Home Farm would not have the capital to be early adopters of technology. Debbie rides up on Amir. Brian and Alice try to press Debbie on how she will vote but she refuses to commit. Alice urges Brian to be positive. Alice is behind him and believes selling land will carry the votes.
  • Susan and Emma briefly discuss England’s loss at football. Susan muses that Neil should start wearing a waistcoat, noting that all the best managers do. Of course, the topic of affordable house is introduced by angry Emma. Susan points out that Emma has a secret weapon.
  • Lunch at Home Farm sees Brian trying to find out Jennifer’s vote. She puts an end to that and asks Debbie about her hack. There is a brief discussion as to who is doing the fortune telling at the fete. Why has Lilian suddenly become an ABBA fan?
  • Turns out that Susan’s secret weapon is Neil. She believes Neil is Justin’s right hand man and he will be able to pull strings for Emma and Ed. He will make sure they are the winners and not the losers.
  • Debbie has asked for a specific picture of Moonbeam, her pony when she was 5 or 6. She would love a copy. They look at old photos of the house when they first moved in. The old kitchen and bath were laughable. There is another one of Adam holding Kate as a baby. Lexi’s procedure took place yesterday and they hope for the best. Jennifer asks Debbie if she has any further thoughts but Debbie apologises that she hasn’t. Ruth has called to say sorry again but they both agree Ruth did nothing wrong. Jennifer brings up the sale of the house. It makes financial sense. Debbie points out that Jennifer has put her whole life into it and she can’t vote to take that away. That is her heart talking but what does her head say, Jennifer wants to know.

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