Neil expresses doubts about his new job and refuses to talk to Justin about Emma’s house. Jennifer pushes Brian to vote to sell the house to keep the family together.

Radio Times: Brian finds himself at a crossroads

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  • Jennifer asks Adam if he has seen Brian. He has gone missing but Adam points out he will be at the meeting in less than an hour. Jennifer wanted to talk to him before the meeting. Jennifer asks how Adam will vote. He reassures her she won’t lose out but Jennifer protests she wants the best way forward.
  • Neil and Hannah have a brief discussion about a young employee Duncan. Hannah worries Duncan doesn’t respect the animals. He doesn’t clean properly but Neil urges her to discuss it with him. Neil offers to help with the chores if Hannah will look over the figures before they are submitted to the board. Susan arrives unexpectedly and Neil insists Susan sign in. She is annoyed with the security. Neil talks about Duncan and the need for supporting him. Neil complains about judging the pet competition and he doesn’t want to do it. Susan insists it is the perfect opportunity to mention the Bridge Farm houses to Justin. He refuses to talk to Justin. He hardly ever comes to Berrow Farm. Susan wants Neil to call Justin and drop hints. That is how the world works, Susan tells him. Isn’t Neil happy with the big office and is own whiteboard? Neil doesn’t sound so sure but he admits it is better than being out in the weather with his back and knee problems.
  • Jennifer finally spots Brian checking on the new fence. Jennifer announces to Brian they will tell the others at the meeting they will sell the house. There is no magic answer. Anything else will break up the family and Jennifer won’t allow it. Kate and Adam will both leave. Alice will be furious, argues Brian. Jennifer rejoins the children feel obliged to protect Jennifer but it is the best option. Jennifer is insistent that only she and Brian can bring the family together again. Brian makes clear that it would wound his manhood. He has always been able to provide a lovely home for his family. Jennifer says she has stayed with Brian because she loves him, not because of his providing a home. Jennifer has spoken with Ruairi and he is far more in favour of the family staying together than keeping the house. Ruth has arrived and Jennifer suggests they had better go and tell everyone what they have decided.

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