The Aldridge children lose their tempers and Elizabeth is won over by Freddie’s apparent financial competence

Radio Times: Alice struggles to come to terms with recent events and Freddie looks to the future

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  • Lily and an unwilling Freddie assist Elizabeth with arranging corn dollies as part of the Lower Loxley rural crafts exhibition. Freddie decides it is just too boring – whereas diving in a cage surrounded by sharks, which he and Nolli are planning in South Africa, will be far better. Elizabeth asks where the money is coming from, which enables Lily to have a dig at Freddie, who responds in kind. Then, recognising what the twins claim to be hard work for their A levels, Elizabeth offers to pay for the shark adventure, since Freddie is such a ‘good little money manager’and to give Lily the same amount. While delighted by the offer, Lily is furious with her brother for his means of financing the holiday.
  • Having decided to prolong her stay in the light of the latest family crisis, Debbie offers to help Adam with the harvest. She can’t accept that selling the family home will help the situation.
  • Alice calls on Brian. She hasn’t been sleeping well and claims that her siblings have ganged up on their parents. Brian is concerned that Alice is miserable, and praises Jennifer’s courage and strength over the house sale plan. Alice remains unconvinced. Brian asks her not to tell anyone of the plan
  • Kate demands help with moving yurts so that the chi can flow more freely. She informs Adam that Brian and Jennifer are just bluffing. Her siblings round on the awful Kate and her behaviour in going to a solicitor but Kate is triumphant. They are joined by Alice, who hopes Kate is proud of herself. A major shouting match ensues, with Debbie vainly trying to keep the peace.

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