Lilian scents a mystery at Home Farm. Shula is horrified at what Alistair is demanding.

Radio Times: Shula is shocked by a request and Jennifer causes concern

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  • Lilian arrives at the Village Hall to find Lynda sorting out equipment for the fete. Lynda is unimpressed by the Damara wristbands Justin has sent for entrants in the pet competition and makes a pointed remark about notices regarding the proposed change in planning permission for low cost housing. Lilian enquires how Monty’s counting is progressing. Does Robert’s semaphore practice have any bearing on it? Lynda changes the subject to ask about the noise emanating from the Dower House. Was that anything to do with Ruby’s training? Before further acidity can ensue, Jennifer arrives.
  • Shula and Alistair encounter each other in the car park on their way to mediation. Shula attempts bright conversation, but Alistair is brooding and silent. Lance, the mediator, goes over what has been discussed so far regarding finances, whereupon Alistair shocks Shula by stating that, because he has to buy Anisha out, he needs to adjust his financial statement. His veterinary services to the stables were at cost; he will now need to charge the full rate.
  • Lilian is interested in the bric a brac Jennifer has brought for the fete. Why is she getting rid of so much? Jennifer deflects her by mentioning Debbie and Peggy, but Lilian’s nose for intrigue is not to be deflected. Why has Debbie stayed on?
  • Tempers rise as Shula hotly defends her case – she cannot afford to buy Alistair out of the house if she has to pay more veterinary bills. Alistair, too, becomes angry, saying he is unable to pay any more – and then Shula drags up his old gambling habit and their need to increase their mortgage. Alistair will not get a penny more out of her. A break is called for to enable the warring parties to cool down.

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