Lilian spills the beans and Alistair takes further advice

Radio Times: Lilian discovers the truth and Alistair considers his options

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  • As Debbie rides out with Alice, Peggy rings. Debbie is due to come over for tea, and Peggy has no Viennese Whirls; could Debbie bring some? Peggy senses tensions in the Home Farm family. Is there another problem with Low Mead? Debbie reassures her and rings off, but Alice then accuses her sister of not respecting Brian.
  • An irritable Alistair hunts for equipment before setting out on his rounds. Anisha asks brightly if he has made any progress on buying her out, and is taken aback to learn that Alistair has taken legal advice about an expulsion clause. Anisha feels they should sit down and talk about it. With some reason, Alistair points out that maybe things would have turned out better had Anisha done that before accepting her new job. meanwhile Alistair will not be pushed into anything just to please her.
  • Debbie rejects Alice’s claims that she and Adam are always cutting Brian down to size, and Alice has the grace to apologise for her outburst on Sunday. She is convinced that Brian doesn’t want to sell the house, though. It could be the biggest mistake ever. As they return to the stables they find Lilian. Debbie goes on ahead, leaving Alice to tell a shocked Lilian all about the proposal to sell.
  • On her way to Peggy’s, Lilian meets Jennifer, and immediately tackles her about the sale idea. Jennifer demands to know who has told her, and insists that Lilian keep it from Peggy.
  • As the clan gathers at Peggy’s, Jennifer attempts to keep the conversation to Viennese Whirls and Ruby’s training for the talent competition, but Lilian ignores her and tells Peggy what is proposed. Lilian offers to raise some money from her Amside properties, and asks Peggy to help as well, but Jennifer rejects the idea totally. They don’t need a bail-out, no matter how well intentioned. She is more than happy to move somewhere a bit smaller. Debbie supports her mother’s decision and Peggy closes the discussion by saying she fully agrees.

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