Debbie drops a bombshell: she is going to work in Hungary.

Radio Times: Adam has his suspicions confirmed.

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  • Susan can’t wait to show Emma her new house but getting all George’s stuff together is a mammoth task.
  • Jennifer has been baking scones for the open day; she just hopes she has enough jam. Adam is more concerned about getting his point across; the weakness is expansion plans but he will just have to say that nothing has been decided yet – which is true.
  • Brenda joins the house-viewing party, although Susan has to struggle to keep the attention of the two girls when Brenda starts to recount her experiences with James – and his mother. They manage the occasional well-timed “wow”. Brenda is annoyed that she has to work this afternoon, covering the Home Farm open day. It’s a serious business; Susan will certainly be there.
  • Adam’s presentation went well, and thanks to a ‘friendly’ question fed from David, he explained how strawberries grow better here than Spain and, being protected by the poly-tunnels from the rain, do not need spraying so much. Even Lynda Snell is stunned into silence. As Adam prepares to do the interview with Brenda, Debbie turns up and must speak to Adam straight away.
  • After a typically frosty exchange, he berating her for not supporting the day, she claiming it was better that she stayed away, Debbie gets to the point. At the end of the week she is going to Hungary to manage the venture there; it was Brian’s idea and he put Debbie forward. She had not been sure that she wanted to go until last week’s row with Adam. Adam is furious. Debbie and Brian have been hatching this behind his back for months. She should put herself in his shoes. How would she feel?

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