James has a trying day at the races with Matt; Brenda faces up to her boss and quits her job.

Radio Times: Lilian gets a business proposition.

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  • Lilian making sandwiches?! It’s only because Underwood’s were closed for the Bank Holiday, otherwise provisions for the races would have come in a hamper. It seems that the hitch with James’s business deal is sorted; perhaps his mother would like to come in with him?
  • Adam is still fuming; he is convinced that Brian is avoiding him, having been plotting for months. It came as just as big a shock to Jennifer. It has put paid to his expansion plans: with Debbie gone he will have no time. Will he be in for lunch? – not if Debbie will be there.
  • At the races, Matt is turning in a modest profit and James nearly won a fortune. Matt wonders if he is as reckless and irresponsible with his business affairs. He is not surprised about James’s invitation to invest; he hopes Lilian said no. Matt certainly won’t be investing – at least they agree on that!
  • Brian tries hard to justify his actions to Jennifer but she makes it clear that having her children set against each other, not speaking and one leaving the country, makes her very unhappy. When Adam finally catches up with Brian he has the rant that he has been working on since yesterday; he doubts Brian’s sincerity about valuing his opinion. Brian insists he is over-reacting; he will be in sole charge.
  • James is still feeling the effects of too much champagne when Brenda calls to drag him to The Bull. He had forgotten and she is celebrating. She took his advice and approached her boss with her news story; he put someone else on the story and she told him exactly what he could do with his job. She feels great!

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