Kathy’s test results are clear but she still keeps Kenton at arms length.

Radio Times: Kathy finds she’s in the clear.

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  • Tonight is film night in the village hall; Izzy will be staying over but Ruth is still determined that Pip will not stay over at Meadow Rise until she has met Izzy’s mum. Ruth has forgotten to order some more parlour feed and there is none left for today.
  • Kathy has taken the afternoon off to prepare for the film but first she calls on Pat to tell that her test results are clear; it feels like a great weight has been lifted and she hopes that is the answer to her problems – Kenton has been so patient and it must be frustrating for him.
  • There is a crisis at Brookfield, three cows are down having gorged themselves on clover-rich grass. Sam is deft with a knife and releases them from their bloated state.
  • Kenton has also taken time off from the café to help with the preparations, as Sid discovers: he came to help too because he thought Kathy would be on her own. Kenton takes the opportunity to tell Sid that he knows about Kathy’s ordeal and to thank him for being such a rock. Sid thinks she has looked much better since Kenton got back.
  • Sam thinks David gave Ruth rather a hard time over her mistake; he feels partly responsible for turning the cows out among so much clover. News of Brenda’s resignation is spreading and David wonders whether cousin James has spun her a line about putting in a word for her.
  • The film went well. Back at April cottage Kathy suggests opening some wine. Well – that rather depends; does Kenton have to drive back to Borchester tonight? He does: Kathy is not ready yet. That’s fine, there’s time; Kenton patiently settles for a cup of tea.

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