Kirsty’s reward for the sausage promotions – is to be dumped. Ruth meets Karen at last.

Radio Times: Ruth makes a hasty back-track.

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  • His first reaction is to tell Tamsin how fantastic she looks but she quickly reminds Tom that this is a business meeting. She has had some very positive feedback from the stores, so full marks to him and to his charming assistant – all the managers mentioned her; how long have they been together? Sausage sales are improved enough for Tamsin to keep them in the present stores and in ten more from early June. Does that cause a supply problem?
  • Usha is a bit late for her rendezvous with Alan. They have planned a trip to Hereford on the bike but first he has a call in Darrington.
  • Tom is keen to celebrate but Tamsin really does have to wash her hair. Shouldn’t he be paying more attention to the lovely Kirsty? No, Tamsin is the one he cares about now! She will be free tomorrow.
  • The bikers didn’t get beyond Darrington, so Hereford Cathedral will have to wait for another day. Right now, Usha must vote but she has really enjoyed the afternoon.
  • Helen is appalled to learn that Tom has not yet told Kirsty the good news. He could not have done it without her. He is too tired for a celebration tonight. By the way, he has just seen the vicar and Usha at the polling station having quite a laugh together.
  • Ruth also has some news: she has met Izzy’s mum at last, working on the checkout at the supermarket. It was as if she had known Karen for years. Ruth has invited her and Don for tea on Sunday. More immediately Usha is coming for supper but has been held up. David wonders what is going on with her and the vicar; Ruth assures him – nothing!

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