Debbie leaves. Kenton laments her going but there is no reconciliation with Adam.

Radio Times: An old resident bids farewell.

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  • Ian is in demand. On top of cooking lunch for fifty, he has Lilian visiting, having just booked a dinner to cheer up her sister, and Adam needs to talk to him too; it’s not a good time – later maybe.
  • At Jaxx, Debbie has called to say goodbye. Kenton is going to miss her shoulder to cry on. Debbie is sad about Adam; they used to be close; he was her best friend in the world. She doesn’t know how it happened.
  • Jennifer administers coffee to Adam and extracts a promise that he will come to say goodbye. Lilian turns up with her invitation, for which she will not take ‘no’ for answer. Matt will not be present: he and James just don’t hit it off. He has told her not to touch James’s investment with a bargepole and she doesn’t know whether it is just his general hostility or he knows something James has not told her.
  • Passport? Ticket? Second thoughts? Brian insists he is not packing Debbie off; he certainly does not want to lose her from the farm for good. Adam says a cool goodbye which is received with arms folded. Brian is sure he’ll get over it and he assures Debbie that it was not a mistake for her to come back; Brian was very thankful that she had forgiven him. However, she cannot leave without one final warning for him to be wary of Adam’s plans.
  • Ian had not really expected that Adam and Debbie would have kissed and made up. It’s only Ian’s presence in Ambridge that stops Adam from telling Brian what to do with his job. As for being in sole charge, he is clearly not – Brian is! And Adam is not sure he can ever trust him again.

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