Adam’s fed up with Brian and Lizzie’s fed up with Julia

Radio Times: Ian gives some assertiveness training.

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  • Adam is still smouldering with rage over recent events on the farm and Debbie’s departure, and when Alan suggests he might like to enter the Felpersham 10K run in aid of make Poverty History, Adam lets his feelings show in no uncertain manner.
  • Someone else who’s fed up is Lizzie. Julia made Nigel and Titcomb move Lewis’ furniture, then changed her mind about it and made them move it all back. When Nigel and Titcomb escaped to the vineyard, Julia tried to make Lizzie shift the mahogany horrors. But there’s one bright prospect – Ellen is definitely coming to the wedding, where she’s bound to cut Julia down to size.
  • Usha has signed up for the fun run; she’s been sponsored £500 to do it dressed as a chicken, so she’s putting in some practice and getting more sponsors at the same time.
  • Thanks to Jill’s home baking, Ruth’s tea-party with Izzy’s family has gone well. She’s impressed with Izzy’s mum, who holds down three part time jobs, but less keen on her partner, Dom, and is still unhappy about Pip staying over at Meadow Rise.
  • Ian is impressed with the flavour of Adam’s first crop of strawberries, but when Adam tells him he hasn’t got time to come and look at a car Ian wants to buy, Ian does some straight talking. If Brian expects Adam to do the work of two people, he must pay him double wages. It’s not just money, says Adam, it’s time. That’s easy then, says Ian. Tell Brian to stuff his job and find another. Even if it means leaving Ambridge.

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