Sam tries to impress David; James manages to impress Lilian; Jennifer is far from impressed.

Radio Times: The feud deepens at Home Farm.

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  • David is in cynical mode, first over his experience of Dom at the tea party and now over Ruth’s enthusiasm for the fete committee. He lightens up a bit when Sam suggests double tubing when the cows dry off – a new animal husbandry technique which will reduce Brookfield’s use of antibiotics. Know-all Sam claims it’s so new that Alistair won’t even have heard about it.
  • Matt is off to London on business, but not before he’s had another swipe at James’ business practices. James claims that he hasn’t shown Lilian a business plan to save her ploughing through boring figures. Matt suspects a more sinister motive.
  • Talking to Ruth, Jennifer makes light of Debbie’s departure and Adam’s new workload, but when she calls on Lilian, she pours out her feelings. She’s furious with Brian for having kept her in the dark, for treating Adam as he has, and most of all for breaking up the family, just when Jennifer felt she had Debbie at home once more.
  • James shows his mother a glossy brochure for his property development, and she’s very impressed, especially when he tells her it will be a goldmine, because he’s not going to sell the apartments, he’s going for high rents instead.

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