Susan passes on some unwelcome news; Jenny has heard enough unwelcome news.

Radio Times: Susan gets her power suit on.

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  • Susan’s dreams of a glamorous PA job take a step nearer realisation when Tom talks of hiring more help with the packing. Meanwhile she hones up her diplomacy skills by telling Tom that he’s meant to be meeting Kirsty at the Bull, when she knows all the time that he’s been on the phone to Tamsin – and it wasn’t entirely about business. Then she has to pass on another unwelcome message – the packaging supplier won’t deliver any more until his bill’s been paid.
  • At Home Farm, Jennifer’s having to practise diplomacy, too. Adam and Brian finally meet to discuss the farm, with Jenny as referee. Adam wants a 50% pay rise for doing all Debbie’s work; Brian thinks 5% is more realistic. Adam accuses Brian of treating him like a beginner. Brian says Adam has to prove himself, but he will give the matter some thought.
  • Furious at Brian’s tactics, Jenny gives him an earful. She’s already lost Debbie through Brian’s machinations; she’s not prepared to lose Adam in the same way. Just what is it all really about, she asks.

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