Brenda’s fed up about having no job. Adam’s fed up about the job he’s got and Tamsin doesn’t want to talk about Tom’s job.

Radio Times: Tom enjoys mixing business with pleasure.

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  • The atmosphere between Adam and Brian continues to be strained. When Brian affects an interest in Adam’s maize maze, he gets a curt response, and things aren’t helped by Job’s comforter Joe telling them about the local farmer who went bust as a result of trying a maze.
  • Brenda’s fed up, too. She’s had no luck with her efforts to find another job. The only bright spot in her life is her new boyfriend, James.
  • Yet another Ambridgeite is fed up; as Brenda tries to talk to him about her search for a job, James just moans on about having been denied his rightful inheritance as Squire of Ambridge, and Lilian’s squandering her fortune on the awful Matt. He puts a stop to Brenda’s tale of woe by telling her to leave Borsetshire and see the world. But when Brenda asks him to introduce her to all his contacts, James goes rather quiet. He says he can’t think of that now.
  • After a romantic evening yesterday with Tamsin, Tom calls on her after work to ask her for a drink. She takes him to a smart wine bar, and is both curious and patronising about Kirsty. Tom finds it difficult to explain the relationship to Tamsin, but accepts her offer to go back to her place.

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