Julia sneers at Elizabeth. Sam sneers at Alistair. Matt sneers at James.

Radio Times: Matt bursts Lilian’s bubble.

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  • Julia’s wedding plans become grander by the minute, and Elizabeth is in despair. But at least one member of the family is in favour; Julia admires Jill’s ‘honest and earthy’ flower arrangements, and wants Jill to do the wedding flowers.
  • Alistair stitches up a cow’s torn udder at Brookfield, and Sam loses no time in seeing how much Alistair knows about double tubing. When Alistair admits he knows very little, a triumphant Sam rubbishes Alistair’s professional reputation to David.
  • Matt rings to tell Lilian he’s had a very successful business trip, and she heats up the hot tub and chills the champagne. But Matt seems anxious to avoid James. The reason soon becomes clear. He’s been to have a look at James’ warehouse. It’s not in Greenwich at all, but in a dodgy area of Deptford, and as a former dye works, will need professional – and very expensive – decontamination. Lilian valiantly tries to put a good gloss on the venture, but Matt is triumphant; he’s exposed James for what he is.

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