The Carters celebrate their property investment and James regrets his.

Radio Times: The big day arrives for the Carters.

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  • At last it’s time for the Carters to move into Ambridge View, helped by Mike. Somehow Susan’s furniture looks smaller and shabbier in the new house.
  • Lilian tells Jennifer about Matt’s discovery, and wonders how much of it is true, and how much is down to alpha male jealousy. Since James didn’t come home last night, she can scarcely ask him for his version.
  • Susan and Betty’s conversation in the shop is interrupted by James, very much the worse for wear and seeking paracetemol and water. Betty points out acidly that Brenda was expecting to see him last night, but the befuddled James can’t, initially, manage to work out that she’s Brenda’s mother.
  • Lilian and Jennifer compare awful men. Jennifer is still sore about Brian’s role in Debbie’s departure and Adam’s hurt feelings; Lilian thinks Matt is jealous of James. At that point, in comes James, but he won’t answer any of Lilian’s questions and heads for bed.
  • The Carters entertain the Tuckers to a meal and champagne – though Susan’s champagne flutes haven’t yet come to light. They drink a toast to good neighbours, and laugh about some of the year’s mishaps.
  • When James surfaces, Lilian tackles him about his property investment. James is forced to admit that he’s lost money on the deal, but blames it all on his ex, Henrietta. He plays the emotional blackmail card – Lilian is the only one he can trust. She falls for it, and promises to see what she can do to bail him out.

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