Sam presses on with modernising the herd even though he’s not sure about Alistair. Matt find out James was sacked from his previous job.

Radio Times: Matt dishes the dirt.

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  • Matt has found out some more information about James which Lilian really needs to hear.
  • Sam and David are surprised at how seriously Usha is taking the Felpersham 10k. But for £500, some serious training is important. In the meantime, one of the cows isn’t well. It will be a vet job. But Alistair doesn’t think it’s much in the end. Sam meantime is not only pressing on the double tubing but is also suggesting another remedy for mastitis for the winter – Alistair thinks he will know a man who knows about it.
  • Peggy and Jack are pleased that the medication seems to be helping. He’s even been playing some golf. Matt arrives and things are a bit awkward. Lilian isn’t impressed with him but Jack thinks a business man can make money, whatever the market.
  • Matt has been in touch with some mates. He’s heard that James lost his previous job for trying to poach the firm’s clients. Lilian isn’t keen on hearing that but Matt tells her she knows he’s right!

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