James persuades Lilian to back his investment. Adam worries if he will really need to leave Home Farm.

Radio Times: Lilian’s maternal instinct wins through.

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  • Adam is having to make early starts to cover the extra work, especially with the pickers arriving on Saturday. The maze is coming on well too. He does like working at Home Farm … most of the time. But he can’t keep on working if he’s not appreciated.
  • Matt confronts James to find out what he is up to. He’s convinced James is trying to rip his mother off. He isn’t going to let him drag Lillian down with him. He takes hold of him but Lillian stops him before any real damage is done. But he isn’t going to get off lightly. She is furious he lied about being sacked from his job. But she doesn’t want him to leave. Matt will just have to get used to him. She even gives in on the investment.
  • Adam still isn’t sure Brian will keep him around on his terms but Ian thinks he’s just making a point. He won’t want to lose Adam as well as Debbie. Adam is worried he has burnt his boats – he shouldn’t have threatened to leave.
  • James is definitely getting a bit cool around Brenda now she seems to be getting “needy”. But he dashes off suddenly when Matt turns up in the Bull with Brian. At least Brenda has got an interview for another radio job.

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