Sam wants to get a new vet for the dairy herd. Usha manages the 10k but is discovered by Alan.

Radio Times: Alan ruffles Usha’s feathers.

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  • Sam suggests to David that Alistair isn’t up to the job and they need a new vet. David defends Alistair and says he’s been a real source of support. But Sam thinks they could do better. They want someone who is ready to be suggesting new things. Sam has been around for a year and as far as he can see they are fighting with one hand behind their backs. They need to take the personalities out of it.
  • Usha is getting into her chicken suit and is very embarrassed in case Alan has caught her like that. Ruth insists on a photo. She gets away at the start without him noticing anyway. Alan sees “the chicken” finished but still hasn’t worked out who she is! Good legs though! Unfortunately, he bumps into her in the car park. She is very embarrassed But Alan is very impressed by the £500 sponsorship. Her car has been damaged in the car park too and she’s a bit stuck so Alan has to drive her home … on the bike!
  • David explains Sam’s idea to Ruth. She can see his point but sacking your own brother-in-law!

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