Adam accepts a 25% pay rise. Tom dumps Kirsty over dinner in the Mont Blanc.

Radio Times: The truth hurts for Kirsty.

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  • Freddy isn’t impressed with his wedding outfit. And Julia isn’t impressed with Freddy’s language – apparently he would never have learnt to talk like that at a decent prep school. Elizabeth is getting very fed up with all the wedding changes of plan. And now she wants all the house signs taken down!
  • Tom is preparing for a serious dinner at the Mont Blanc with Kirsty. There is something he wants to tell her. He dumps her – Tom calls it “being fair to her” but Kirsty doesn’t see it that way. He admits he is seeing Tamsin – he’s trying to do the decent thing. Kirsty can’t believe she’s spent 6 years droning on about stupid sausages. What a total waste of time! He’s selfish and deceitful and she can’t believe he could hurt her like that.
  • At the meeting, Brian comes up with a 15% pay offer but Adam doesn’t think that’s good enough. He is saving Debbie’s salary! But Brian says there will be more money to be spent on overtime and contractors. Eventually they settle on 25%.

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