Usha makes front page with Alan in the Borchester Echo. Tom gets a lot closer to Tamsin.

Radio Times: Usha finds herself in the spotlight.

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  • Tom is being a bit secretive about dumping Kirsty. Tony is still suggesting inviting her round. But Tom is already making plans with Tamsin. So he owns up to his parents.
  • Usha has made front page in the Borchester Echo in her chicken costume on Alan’s bike. She is less than impressed and is worried what Alan will think. But Ruth thinks she just comes across as a really good sport. Alan thinks it’s very funny too. The worst thing is they got his age right!
  • Pat and Tony aren’t too impressed at how Tom has gone about this – seeing Tamsin behind Kirsty’s back. It’s not even as if it’s the first time. And Kirsty has always been such a help. It’s going to be awkward about the shop. But Tony has a shrewd idea about what Tom sees in Tamsin!
  • Tom tells Tamsin he’s finished with Kirsty. Now he can concentrate on her but Tamsin doesn’t seem to be very interested. They are both busy people, she doubts they can see anymore of each other. They are doing fine just as they are. [Summarisers note: The rest of this scene is censored on grounds of taste and in case anyone is eating while reading!]

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