Lilian begins to realise James has been lying. Tamsin is already blowing a little cold.

Radio Times: Lilian gets a reality check.

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  • Lilian has had to deal with some messages from Henrietta, Lilian would like to call her but Jennifer thinks it’s up to James. Adam and Ian have turned down the dinner invitation to James’ leaving do. Adam is even prepared to believe Matt might know what he’s talking about – James isn’t all he’s made out to be. Meanwhile Ian is enjoying his new convertible. Doesn’t matter how much it cost, with Adam’s pay rise they will be able to afford a decent mortgage now.
  • Susan passes on a message to Tom that Tamsin has gone away over the weekend. Tom seems a little surprised.
  • Jennifer and Adam have to sort out the caravans for the pickers. Lilian would like Ian and Adam to join her in afternoon drinks but she is very the worse for wear and they have better things to do. Then Lilian does call Henrietta and Henrietta says James was the one doing the two timing. She realises James has not being honest with her. And he’s her son!

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