Lilian confronts James with his lies but he is still desperate to sign her up as an investor.

Radio Times: Lilian seeks out the truth.

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  • Alice has three exams this week, but sampling the strawberries is better than revising. She reckons that Adam is hard on the Ukrainian students – a bit of a fascist in fact. Adam is too busy for his sister, especially as she is being such a pain; he gets rid of her with a promise of a ride on the quad bike later to check the hinds.
  • It’s the morning after for James. Lilian allows him a therapeutic coffee before she sets about him, telling him about Henrietta’s phone call. James tries to stick to his story but Lilian was not born yesterday.
  • As a good landlord, David calls on the Grundys to check that they have applied for their payment in respect of the field he rents to them. His advice is not appreciated.
  • With Alice driving, Adam approaches the deer and they see that one is already calving and is in difficulty. Adam helps and then they enjoy watching the new-born calf for a few moments before leaving it in peace.
  • James is not a bit upset that Matt is away in London. He reckons Matt feels threatened by him because he is young and has it all in front of him. And with Matt away, this is a perfect opportunity to try again to get Lilian to commit an investment in his property scheme; the other investors will pull out if they don’t see some commitment from him soon.
  • Eddie and Joe bemoan the disparity between their measly payment and the thousands that David will be getting. However, Eddie proudly displays a notice to announce his diversification into a range of money-spinning activities. They can still hold their heads up as entrepreneurs.

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