Lynda gains a new neighbour and loses an old friend – Hermes.

Radio Times: Eddie brings home the bacon.

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  • Lewis must accompany his future wife on a shopping spree but later he will check through the forms that Lynda has prepared about a grant for the Cat & Fiddle. Lynda’s neighbour, Joe, is keen to paint his shed but needs Eddie to bring some paint. Lynda donates some paint – anything to smarten it up.
  • Elizabeth and Nigel are enjoying a Julia-free afternoon preparing for the Bank Holiday weekend. It’s strange that Ellen has not yet responded.
  • Lynda has never been impressed with the Grundys’ field but now Eddie has created a fresh abomination; it looks rather like a pig ark. Bang on cue, Eddie turns up with Barbarella; she’s a Berkshire pig and nearly knocks Lynda over in her rush to move in. Lynda is further delighted by the news that more animals are coming and it will be open to townies to visit. What’s more, Barbarella is due a litter. Lynda’s cup runneth over!
  • Julia drops off her shopping and dashes off again. Elizabeth cannot resist a peek: mouth-watering negligee at eye-watering prices.
  • Lewis is full of praise for Lynda’s efforts. It is good that she has kept such meticulous records about the expenses. Now they must wait 6 months for the outcome of their application. Meanwhile the fund-raising continues with boules at The Bull. Poor Lynda, when she goes to make some tea she finds Hermes dead in the kitchen. The perfect gentleman, Lewis offers to stay with her but don’t worry, Robert won’t be long. Left alone, she sobs …

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