Lilian shows James the door but he gets his investment cheque.

Radio Times: James shows his true colours.

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  • That’s not right! Tom has received a payment from the supermarket but it is well down on expectations. Tamsin is not answering her phone.
  • Brenda and Emma are catching up on each other’s news, or lack thereof: Brenda didn’t get the job she applied for and Emma feels like a prisoner at home looking after George. If only she could drive.
  • When James appears, Lilian hurriedly finishes her phone call with Matt. A full-scale slanging match ensues with James declaring that pa would not have kept all the money to himself and Lilian berating him for lying to her. His remarks about Matt earn him a slap and the advice not to judge others by his own standards. Neither has heard Peggy let herself in. Anxious to spend time with her grandson (why?), she wants him to come to Borchester tomorrow; it’s an offer he can’t refuse.
  • In The Bull, Tom is still getting Tamsin’s voicemail. James cautions mixing business with pleasure but is curious how Tom got his start-up money. Gran helped out. Did she indeed! When Brenda catches up with James she gets a very brusque brush-off: he doesn’t want her in London with him, in fact he doesn’t want her in his life at all – silly cow!
  • When James returns, Peggy quickly takes the hint and leaves. James relates his conversation with Tom and, sensing that tomorrow could be a very expensive day out for her mother, she reaches for her cheque book. Now, she insists, he must go back to London and leave her and Matt in peace.

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