Preparations for Julia’s big day do not go to plan.

Radio Times: Nigel steps into the breach.

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  • Look at the state of the ballroom! Julia does not want to walk down the ‘aisle’ in a cloud of dust. Elizabeth, her patience strained to breaking point, assures her that it will be sorted. However, polishing the ballroom floor is vetoed: Elizabeth does not want any injuries. Elizabeth is off to buy a hat, and run a few errands for Julia; Nigel is going to the airport to pick up Ellen; Julia – is going to do absolutely nothing.
  • Lewis has caught Peggy in the act of buying his wedding present. Their chat about the wedding is interrupted by the ubiquitous mobile – his best man has broken his leg.
  • Ellen explained to Nigel in the car why she had left it so late coming: problems staffing the bar in Spain and a dread of flying. Elizabeth is delighted to see her and is keen to catch up on her news. Ellen is quick to enquire about Elizabeth’s heart and about whether her sister has been behaving herself. And here is the prima donna herself, anxious that Ellen’s hug should not spoil her rollers and quick to chastise her for her late arrival – and for calling her “Joannie”.
  • A crisis has arisen. The wedding marquee has arrived but there is already a marquee on the chosen spot – on the instruction of Julia. There are two, the other being for the Bank Holiday event. Nigel is a bit cross and Elizabeth very cross. It gets worse: Lewis arrives with his news but this is easily sorted: Nigel will be best man and Ellen will give Julia away – oh, how Elizabeth would love that job!

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