Lewis marries Julia.

Radio Times: Wedding bells ring at Lower Loxley.

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  • Upstairs the bride is making herself look beautiful. Ellen advises her, in vain, to go easy on the make-up; permission for Ellen to use her video is flatly refused – too vulgar. But Julia gives in to her request to read something, even though the Order of Service has been printed.
  • Downstairs the guests are assembling – David and Ruth on the last minute. Nigel feels it is rather novel to be at mummy’s wedding. Lewis cannot resist a peek and declares that his bride look marvellous. So Lewis Montague Carmichael weds Julia Mary Pargetter (aka Joannie!). Ellen reads her piece – a Native American Wedding Prayer – countless photographs are taken, doves are released from the terrace and finally the guests are summoned to the reception. David is starving.
  • Elizabeth is persuaded to take a break from socialising and sit with Alistair and David, the latter paying her a rare compliment about the way the wedding has been arranged. Tonight she can relax; she can’t wait to say goodbye to Julia and Lewis.
  • Nigel sees mummy slip outside and, following, is able to set her mind at rest: his father would not mind her marrying again; he would want her to be happy. Lewis tells her he has made him the happiest man alive. Ah!

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