The wedding over, Elizabeth can eventually relax.

Radio Times: Jennifer lends a supportive ear.

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  • Elizabeth is at the end of her tether: exhausted from yesterday, the happy couple now expect breakfast in bed; Mrs Pudsey has the day off – and there is only one egg. Ellen takes charge of the situation; there being only the children’s cereal, she will take them a couple of bowls of that – and they can lump it!
  • Lilian has finally managed to find Jennifer; she needed someone with whom to share her troubles. She was a coward over James but he was so mercenary; she feels she has been an awful mother. Jennifer advises her to concentrate on her own happiness, with Matt.
  • At last, the honeymoon couple are on their way but not before Lewis presents Elizabeth with a bouquet and a big ‘thank you’ for all she has done for them. Bye – Alleluia!
  • Lilian can only take so much talk about Lynda’s sad loss and where Robert has buried Hermes. Meanwhile Jennifer explains to Ruth why she had an invitation to the wedding but Lilian and Tony didn’t: Julia once harboured hopes of Debbie and Nigel, so Jennifer has been on her social list ever since.
  • Lunch was a better meal than breakfast but once it is over, Ellen too must head for home. Bye – come again soon! Left alone, Nigel delivers his own thanks to Lizzie; she was amazing and he thanks from the bottom of his heart.

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