Matt’s angry with Lilian. Adam’s angry with Brian. Betty’s angry with James.

Radio Times: Lilian nurses a broken heart.

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  • As Adam delivers more strawberries to Lower Loxley he has a moan to Elizabeth about his work load. She’s sympathetic, but only up to a point, reminding him that they’re rivals in the family entertainment business, and that Adam needs to find his own slogan.
  • Matt makes an unexpected return to Ambridge, but any hopes Lilian had of a romantic reunion without James are quickly dashed when Matt explodes with anger, firstly with Chalky, because Yvette’s found out about the 50K he stashed away, and then with Lilian for giving her failed city wideboy son large sums of money. Matt storms out, leaving Lilian upset and depressed.
  • Betty and Susan take the opportunity to give the shop a good clean and to chew over Ambridge’s latest gossip. Betty envies Susan for having Emma settled. Brenda is upset about having been dumped by James, and as for Tom’s treatment of Kirsty …
  • Lilian comes to Home Farm in search of consolation and gin, but they’re all far too busy to listen to her. When Brian tells Adam he needs help with the lambs, Adam explodes; he’s been up since five, unlike Brian. If Brian needs help, he’ll have to pay Mike or Eddie. After all, there’s plenty of money in the kitty now that Debbie’s left.

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