Brenda thinks about the future; Jack remembers the past; Emma enjoys the present.

Radio Times: Jack gets in a lather.

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  • To relieve Emma’s feelings of being tied down by George, she and Brenda have an afternoon out. Brenda’s fling with James has made her think about her future. She’s contemplating university, but the news doesn’t do much for Emma’s state of mind.
  • Jack’s treatment for memory loss seems to be having some effect, and when he and Peggy drop in at Jaxx, Jack offers to help Kenton by phoning his supplier about collecting some unwanted dishwasher powder. He remembers the message, but forgets that it’s Bank Holiday. Peggy is furious with Kenton, and phones to give him a piece of her mind.
  • Brenda and Emma go to Jaxx, too, but Brenda’s seen a job ad., and wants to get her application sorted so can’t take Emma home. She manages to get a lift with Ed, and the two share a romantic moment as Emma feeds Ed with some luscious fruit. Enjoying Emma’s company, Ed suggests that he should teach her to drive.

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