Will and Emma make a decision about an Archer, and Sam tries to force the Archers into making another.

Radio Times: David and Ruth get an ultimatum.

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  • Will spends an early-morning moment with his son, and wishes he had more time to spend with George and Emma. Emma mentions driving lessons again, and Will promises to sort something out.
  • At Brookfield, Sam launches into a tirade about dropping Alistair and engaging a dairy specialist vet. David, not surprisingly, is lukewarm, but Sam won’t drop the subject.
  • Kenton calls at Casa Nueva with a rattle that Emma left at Jaxx, though his real reason is to try and persuade Emma to come back to work. She points out that there’s no-one to look after George, and anyway, she can’t drive. They are interrupted by Ed, who’s brought a driving test theory manual for Emma to read, forgetting that she already knows the theory from her moped test. But he, too, promises to help Emma learn to drive.
  • Ruth tries to pour oil on troubled waters by talking to Sam, but there’s no stopping him. He launches another attack on Alistair, and claims they are blocking him from doing his job properly and from achieving his bonus. Ruth vainly tries to appease him, but Sam’s increasingly aggressive, and says if they won’t take his advice, he’ll leave.
  • Emma and Will discuss godparents. They’ve settled on Roy and Brenda, but need another godfather. Susan is pushing Emma to ask Brian, but Will flatly refuses. What about Kenton, says Emma. At first Will’s reluctant, but then realises that Kenton is actually quite good with children and good fun into the bargain. But goodness knows what Joe will say!

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