Matt’s met his match in Yvette, and Tom’s met more than his match in Tamsin.

Radio Times: Susan is a prisoner in her own home.

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  • Susan’s jealousy of Clarrie surfaces; she’s determined that this time she’ll take George to the barbecue. But her triumph is short-lived when the handle on her ensuite bathroom falls off, and Susan is stuck inside with no clothes.
  • Matt’s ex-wife has called his bluff; she’s wined and dined his friends, extracting information about his finances from them. She even seems to know that Lilian is stashing some of it away for Matt. Lilian makes all the right noises, and a calmer Matt even apologises for his attitude to James.
  • Susan isn’t the only one who hasn’t turned up for work. Jazzer is late again, and Tom’s threatening to dock his pay. But Tom’s attention is diverted by a letter from Tamsin about the sausage deal. Unable to reach her by phone, Tom heads for her office. The hard-bitten business woman won’t budge; she tells Tom that he needs to look at the small print – but she does offer him lunch on expenses.

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