Troubles are forgotten at the Grundy field.

Radio Times: Eddie flexes his entrepreneurial muscles.

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  • The cider is flowing freely at the Grundy barbecue, though it’s not all generosity on Eddie’s part; he takes photos of his guests with Barbarella the Berkshire, then offers prints at £1 a time. He’s planning to charge car owners who’ve overdone the cider for overnight parking, too.
  • Shula’s down in the dumps; the parents of the child who broke a wrist falling from a horse are going to sue her for negligence. Alistair isn’t entirely sympathetic.
  • Susan’s not too pleased, either. The story of her being locked in the shower has spread across the county, and she has to take a lot of teasing.
  • Tom’s new romance is occupying most of his waking thoughts. Roy thinks she must be something if it meant dropping Kirsty for her. But then Kirsty arrives at the barbecue – with Sam.
  • Neil has had too much cider, but he and Susan have to be up early, so they bid Eddie a rather slurred goodnight, followed by an even more slurred Shula. Everyone agrees, despite Eddie’s blatant money-grabbing, it’s been a great evening.

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