Shula nurses a sore head. Neil nurses a sore toe. Alistair nurses hurt feelings.

Radio Times: David gets a test in family loyalty.

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  • Most of Ambridge is hung over after the Grundy barbecue. Shula can’t lift her head, though Alistair is very perky. Susan and Neil are woken by a thumping in the water pipes. As he gets up to investigate, Neil stubs his toe on a garden ornament he seems to have bought from Eddie.
  • David’s feeling grim, too. he attributes it to a half-cooked burger, but Ruth thinks it because he’s got to tell Alistair they’re changing vets.
  • Gloom descends on Ambridge View as the plumber charges £70 + parts. As Susan witters on about her new sofa and dining table for when Tom and Tamsin come round, Neil for once puts his foot down – he’s not having those two to dinner. Well, retorts Susan, for a start Neil can send the gnome and the wind chimes back to Eddie.
  • Alistair is in remarkably good spirits as he looks at the Brookfield herd – until David breaks the news. After a stunned silence, Alistair tells David what he thinks – that they have no family loyalty and no gratitude for all the good turns he’s done them. Not only that, they’re letting Sam rule the roost. David bleats rather feebly that Alistair can still look after the Herefords and the sheep, but Alistair doesn’t want to listen, and storms out.
  • When Shula hears the news, she’s all for phoning David, but Alistair won’t hear of it. Shula’s reputation has been damaged by the broken wrist episode, and now his reputation has been damaged by David. The Hebden-Lloyds are in big trouble.

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