Phil agrees with Ruth and David that they need a specialist vet. But Jill is on Shula’s side.

Radio Times: Shula seeks out moral support.

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  • Shula is still very cross about Alistair being sacked from Brookfield. Jill and Phil are surprised. But Phil sees David’s point of view. It’s not how it used to be. Jill is furious he isn’t offering Shula his support. And he tries to explain it to Shula, but she doesn’t see it that way. To have his own family treat him that way just stinks. But Jill thinks they need to get involved. It’s the least they can do.
  • Susan and Neil are trying to catch up from their problems. But Susan isn’t allowed to send out cheques yet. Not ’til the end of next week. In the meantime, Susan wants to turn the Christening into a house warming party. She doesn’t want the Grundys taking over the christening as well as the baby. But it will be…. classy….
  • Barbarella seems to be doing well. And Eddie seems to thin the barbecue was a great success. Why not let the business come to them? But in the meantime, Clarrie is planning the Christening too. She’s interested in pickled eggs and sausage rolls where Susan thinks it should be smoked salmon.

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