Jill can’t persuade David and Ruth to change their minds over Alistair. Jack’s scan isn’t too bad but Peggy still wants him to give up some of his business interests.

Radio Times: Jack dusts off his dancing shoes.

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  • Matt is surprised Lilian is off to a fete committee meeting. But she’s trying to give Peggy some support. He’s still having hassle from Yvette’s solicitors. But with luck it will be over soon.
  • David and Ruth are feeling guilty over Alistair. And Jill doesn’t help by wading in. David says he didn’t have any choice but Jill says he’s absolutely devastated. But David doesn’t think he can reconsider. It was one of the most difficult things he had done. Sam thought they needed a specialist – someone who would come forward with suggestions. They have to do what’s best for the farm. The trouble is the damage is done.
  • Jack’s scan wasn’t too bad – a slight atrophy of the brain which is to be expected at his age. But no sign of a stroke. He does need to offload some of his responsibilities. Then at the Fete Committee, Jack comes up with an army assault course as a suggestion. And he also thought of a jitterbug contest! Everyone is very impressed!
  • Peggy has a word with him about cutting down on his business. Jack isn’t keen. He still wants to be involved. Peggy begs him to consider it at least.

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