Helen is very unimpressed with Tom’s treatment of Kirsty and Pat isn’t sure about Tamsin.

Radio Times: Tony makes a discovery.

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  • Tom is getting bad tempered about his work – he’s far too busy to help with leeks. Tony isn’t impressed since he’d promised. Helen isn’t impressed with him either after what he’s done to Kirsty. Not a good idea to mix business with pleasure. But Pat wonders why he hasn’t introduced her if she’s so special. Jennifer suggests he brings her to the Pickers’ Barbecue on Friday – a less stressful way of meeting the parents.
  • At the farm meeting, Adam reports on how well the maze is doing. It had better be worth it. Brian wants to keep the costs under control though – especially on publicity. Jennifer manages to find a compromise.
  • Helen has a go at Tom about Kirsty. She’s been trying to protect her from seeing Tom but Tom doesn’t see why she’s bothering. They will have to see each other sometime. But Helen thinks he’s treated Kirsty appallingly. Tom wades in with suggesting it’s Kirsty who’s been two timing people with Sam.
  • The jitterbugging idea seems to have taken off. Mike and Betty are even prepared to offer lessons – if they can teach themselves first! In the meantime, Tony has found the glasses that he lost last year! Maybe he could put new lenses in them! Pat doesn’t seem to think it’s such a good idea but Tony thinks he should keep his new ones for best!

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