Alistair and Shula are still sulking over Brookfield.

Radio Times: There is no party spirit at Lower Loxley.

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  • Nigel is enjoying watching the swallows on his birthday. Shula and Alistair pop around. Alistair is still sulking and Shula is still moaning. Shula has had another letter from the insurers. Seems there may perhaps be grounds for negligence in letting a dog run wild in the stables! Ruth turns up at Lower Loxley while they are still there so Alistair and Shula make a quick exit!
  • Helen and Pat are still fed up with Tom and complaining he never talks to them anymore. It’s an odd relationship with Tamsin anyway.
  • David and Ruth are haymaking at Brookfield. They don’t want to see Alistair but the longer they leave it, the worse it gets. They can’t get back on it now though.
  • The jitterbug competition has bitten the dust. People are just going to dance however they want now. And they haven’t found anyone to build the assault course yet. Pat tries to show Helen how to jitterbug but successfully, accidentally stamps on Tony’s glasses in the process! He’ll never believe it was an accident.

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