Joe and Eddie get the pickers drunk at the cider club. Brenda finds out Tom has been stood up by Tamsin.

Radio Times: Roy and Brenda crash a date.

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  • Mike and Betty are practising their dancing skills. Brenda isn’t interested in the fete at all – the first time in years she hasn’t covered it for Radio Borchester. Mike has been roped into help Kenton build the assault course – safer that way. Brenda is pretty depressed about her lack of a boyfriend. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. But she drags Roy of to the club in Felpersham Tom has taken Tamsin to check her out.
  • Joe is surprised to hear that Kenton has been picked as godfather – the only Archer without any money! But Eddie is pleased with his plans for the boot sales – with Robert Snell printing the posters. And he’s found a way to rip off the pickers from Home Farm with a special overseas membership of the cider club. They were a little the worse for wear when they left. Eddie and Joe had found out from Kenton about the Alistair/Brookfield issue. Maybe it will be useful having an Archer for a godfather after all.
  • Roy and Brenda find Tom in the club – but no Tamsin. She has been a bit “delayed”. Something had come up at work. Brenda enjoys rubbing salt into the wound!

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