Matt is faking flu to avoid his divorce hearing – but Lillian could be in trouble if Yvette tries to tie in her money. Alistair has decided the new vet is exactly what Ruth and David need.

Radio Times: Matt pulls a sickie.

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  • Alistair is trying to return a gnome to Eddie. But he’s not having much luck. Adam isn’t impressed with Eddie either given the state of his pickers! Practically criminal! But as Eddie was telling Adam – it’s Buyer Beware! Adam threatens him with sacking Ed which seems to change his mind.
  • Matt is suffering with a “cold”. It means Matt won’t be able to get to Court on Monday – his solicitor has had to ask for a postponement.
  • Shula is surprised that Alistair is being nice to the vet who is taking over at Brookfield. But Alistair doesn’t see any point in being childish. And the vet it great, on top of everything and exactly what David and Ruth need. Shula tries to tell him otherwise but Alistair sees himself as a jack of all trades.
  • The pickers are rather quiet at the barbecue. Still recovering from last night. Tom isn’t impressed either having been blown out by Tamsin last night. But Lillian confesses to Adam that Matt’s flu is a ruse. Adam is surprised Lillian is taking the whole divorce thing so casually. If Yvette knows where the bodies are buried, he’s going to have to give her something. And Lillian needs to make sure her finances can’t be taken into account or she could be in trouble too.
  • Shula starts moaning to Caroline. She doesn’t know what to do with Alistair. But he won’t let her “help”. He seems to have gone from anger to acceptance without anything in between and that can’t be good for anyone can it?

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