Julia and Lewis return; Shula fears that Scruff will have to leave.

Radio Times: The honeymoon is over at Lower Loxley.

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  • After church, Shula is already hurrying away but Jill wants a word with her, just to enquire how she and Alistair are coping. Judging by the way Shula snaps at her mother (with an immediate apology and forgiveness), they are not doing too well.
  • The honeymoon is over – Lewis and Julia are back too! Elizabeth is hiding away in the kitchen, allegedly cooking them a nice meal.
  • Jennifer has some words of comfort for Jill: it’s hard to be in the middle of a family upset; fortunately things have quietened down at Home Farm between Brian and Adam. Jennifer still worries about how things stand with Adam and Debbie.
  • Later, on the phone, Shula explains to Jill that she is due for a visit from the loss adjusters this week. She has not yet told Alistair but she fears that they will have to get rid of Scruff, being the cause of the accident. Alistair is out with Daniel and Scruff now, although he is not keen to go out for lunch, fearing that news of his sacking from Brookfield is all round the village.
  • At Lower Loxley, Julia and Lewis have a proposition: they want to pull their weight. Nigel and Elizabeth are run off their feet, so they will take some of the burden – help with the business – run some events; then Nigel and Elizabeth can go away occasionally. This sounds like an offer he ought to refuse but Nigel tactfully deflects it by opting to talk to Lizzie about it – if they don’t mind.

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