Brookfield’s new vet makes his first visit. Shula continues to seethe on Alistair’s behalf.

Radio Times: Brookfield undergoes an examination.

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  • The new vet, Stephen Dudley, is making his first visit to Brookfield. Alistair has been very helpful but he still has a few questions. Phil just happens to pop in with Ruth’s present (for Thursday!) and is invited to stay.
  • Meanwhile Jill has called at the Stables, en route to Lower Loxley: Julia is already causing havoc with her enthusiasm to get involved, so Elizabeth needs some support. It doesn’t take Shula long to work out why Phil has gone to Brookfield – to check out the new vet.
  • Stephen suggests doing a bulk milk assessment before the tanker comes; this gives the Archers to talk about him: they agree that he seems to know his stuff. Phil, however, points out that Hollerton is 20 minutes further away than Alistair and in an emergency (which is when they call a vet!) that might be crucial.
  • Shula cannot understand how her brother could do this to her and she is disgusted about the way he did it. Family occasions will never be the same again: Elizabeth clearly sides with David and it is clear that Alistair will get no support from Dad.
  • Back at Glebe Cottage, Jill and Phil exchange notes. It is not easy but Phil thinks the farm comes first. Jill’s worry is that no-one knows what Alistair is thinking, not even Shula.

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