Alistair’s problems are weighing heavily upon him but he won’t accept help.

Radio Times: Elizabeth puts her foot down.

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  • Elizabeth is not impressed: they have called Alistair and he has not turned up. Nigel rings him to discover that he had been called out to an emergency. Elizabeth puts this down to his lack of organisation – no wonder David and Ruth got rid of him – but Nigel thinks this is unfair.
  • Tom is so pre-occupied with increasing production to meet the supermarket’s needs, that he has overlooked the basics, weaner pellets. He promises Neil that he will do it today and later talks to Ruth about an alternative supplier.
  • At Lower Loxley, Alistair has made a neat job of treating a tear in a cow’s leg; he brushes off Nigel’s excessive thanks – he will get the bill – and has a rather brusque encounter with Elizabeth on the way out. The cause of her mood is Julia and she is furious that Nigel seems to have approved Julia’s involvement behind her back. Nigel has a cunning plan: let her take over an evening event, just one, and when she sees how much work is involved she will quickly get bored.
  • Outside the village shop, Neil reminds Alistair how soon will be the single wicket competition and how few have entered. Ruth joins them and, in spite of a sarcastic comment from Alistair, thanks him for his professionalism. Left alone with Neil she assures him that Alistair is a good vet; they had no problem with him but needed aspecialist for the dairy herd.
  • Alistair is home early because his last appointment has been cancelled – permanently: he has lost another client to the Hollerton practice. When Shula reminds him about treating her horses she gets a sharp response; he hadn’t forgotten, he doesn’t need help, everything is fine.

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