Alistair faces the world – but shuns David’s company.

Radio Times: Jennifer gets creative.

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  • At Home Farm, Adam and Brian are sorting the lambs for slaughter. Brian will have to manage alone on Saturday because Adam and Ian are taking the students to London on a sight-seeing tour. Brian has some criticism of Jennifer’s poster for the Magi-Maze so Adam makes it clear that Brian must find a way tactfully to tell her.
  • Alistair has been hitting the whisky lately, so stocks are depleted. Shula is keen that he gets out and suggests a visit to The Bull this evening. The truth is he doesn’t want people to sit there pitying him. Shula wins the argument: he will go and talk cricket to Sid and show them he is not beaten.
  • Brian is less than sympathetic about Alistair: he only has himself to blame because he has not kept abreast of the latest developments. Brian finds it remarkably easy to convince Jennifer that her poster is too good: it reproduces the maze design so faithfully that it could be used as a map.
  • Sid is pleased to see Alistair; he has not been in lately. He is concerned about the lack of entries in the single wicket competition but also about the lack of young members of the cricket team. Sid thinks he will offer to do some coaching at the local primary school; Alistair thinks that is a great idea.
  • Meanwhile Jennifer is visiting the Stables offering support – but having it politely rejected. They are fine; Jill has been sharing her concerns but she worries too much.
  • Suddenly Alistair is not enjoying his drink any more: David has arrived. Alistair gets in a couple of sarcastic comments before pointedly departing, leaving David to explain why. He is a good vet; why does he have to take it so personally? Sid thinks it would be hard not to.

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