Ruth is depressed, Shula is worried and Kenton is puzzled.

Radio Times: Ruth has an unhappy birthday.

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  • In the dairy, Pat and Clarrie are talking about Eddie’s car boot sale. Jack has brought some things round to be sold; Pat advises checking with Peggy first in case Jack has got the wrong end of the stick.
  • Ruth is enjoying a birthday drink with Usha. Talking to Fallon makes her feel her age and she is feeling depressed; she knows she shouldn’t be – life is very precious. The situation wih Alistair is tainting everything.
  • Kathy is also having a drink and has an idea to bounce off Pat: she plans to start self-defence classes for women – good idea. Kenton agrees and when Kathy goes to ask Ruth and Usha, he takes the opportunity to sound Pat out about the rumour that Jack is scaling down his business interests. He is relieved to learn that only The Echo is affected.
  • Ruth and Usha think Kathy’s idea is good – so does Fallon – and some of her friends would probably be interested too. Kenton is rescued by Kathy when he fails to remember Ruth’s birthday – he only signed the card yesterday. But he is a bit distracted by a call from his twin: unusually, Shula has turned to him for reassurance as she worries about the impending visit from the loss adjuster. Why isn’t she talking to Alistair about it?

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