The Loss Adjuster inspects the Stables and Scruff’s future hangs in the balance.

Radio Times: Shula is under the microscope.

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  • Shula is faced with some searching questions as the Loss Adjuster takes a careful look at all aspects of the Stables. She explains that her husband and son were bringing Scruff back from a walk, on his lead, and did not realise she was teaching.
  • He has left several messages but eventually Tom gets through to Tamsin; she is very busy and though she would love to have a drink this evening she will see how it goes – she will call him.
  • Although Shula has been meticulous, she is offered a few suggestions about how she could in future make herself more secure against claims of this nature, which are becoming all too common.
  • Roy has found Tom still at work and has just about managed to persuade him to come for a pint when he gets a better offer – Tamsin turns up. Sorry Roy!
  • Alistair hears all about the visit from Shula, who is still worried that they will have to part with Scruff; that would break Daniel’s heart. What next? She would never have believed any of this would happen to them. Neither of them will sleep easily tonight.
  • Tamsin makes up for last week but if Tom had hopes of staying the night (he did!) she has to disappoint him. Work calls. She has to prepare for a heavy Saturday morning breakfast meeting.

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