Another crisis hits the stables and Susan makes her feelings towards the Grundys clear.

Radio Times: A matter of life and death at The Stables.

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  • As Alistair is inoculating Shula’s horses, Daniel reminds him that he promised to take him to the Grundy Car Boot Sale. Shula urges them to go; she’ll keep an eye on the horses.
  • The Car Boot is doing a roaring trade. Eddie’s cider has been rebranded as Ukranian Scrumpy and sells well. Clarrie’s burgers sell out before Joe and Eddie can get one, but Clarrie’s delighted with a chipped cake-stand she’s bought; it will be ideal for the Christening cake.
  • Daniel has set his heart on some pirated computer games, but his shopping is interrupted by a phone call from a distraught Shula. Topper, her best horse, is in Anaphylactic shock. Alistair rushes back.
  • Relations between baby George’s two grandmothers come under strain over the matter of the Christening cake. Susan is distinctly lukewarm over the cake-stand; she’s planning to buy a new one to match her kitchen. Clarrie’s keen that they should make the cake together, but Susan won’t hear of it; she’ll do it herself in her smart new cooker in her smart new kitchen. All Clarrie’s protests are in vain. Susan will take charge.
  • Alistair reaches the stables in the nick of time. A shot of Adrenaline soon has Topper back on his hooves, but it’s another blow to Alistair, and he quickly seeks solace in the whiskey bottle. He blames the decline of his practice on his own shoddy work; he’s losing it, and he simply can’t take the pressure.

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