Alistair’s bitter at losing his clients; Kenton’s bitter at losing his assistant.

Radio Times: Kenton faces a management crisis.

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  • Kenton has left Gemma to manage Jaxx while he and Mike look at the assault course for the fete. Gemma phones to tell him she’s quitting; she’s had enough of being left to do all the work.
  • At the stables, Shula finds Alistair home early, checking his emails. He’s had a letter from an elderly client, thanking him for his kindness, but it does little to lift his black mood. He snaps at Shula, but suggests they eat at the Bull, since Daniel is at Jamie’s.
  • Sid’s full of plans for the cricket coaching sessions at the primary school. It’s need some fund raising, but Shula’s interested, and Alistair thinks his veterinary suppliers might look at sponsorship. In an effort to cheer Matt up, Lilian asks Mike to teach her to jitterbug. Sid won’t allow it in the bar, so they go upstairs.
  • Kenton gets little sympathy from Kathy, who makes him draft an ad. for the Echo. He’s appalled at the cost, but knows it’s the only way round his problem. Just as he starts to suggest that he and Kathy might enjoy their evening doing something more romantic, they’re interrupted by Shula, who says Alistair didn’t want to stay at the Bull, so she’s fetching Daniel home. Kathy seizes the opportunity to send Kenton on his way, but not before Shula accuses him of being unsupportive of Alistair. Kenton says it’s none of his business; Shula must have it out with Ruth and David.

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