Shula has a go at Ruth and David; Clarrie plans to have a go at Susan; Fallon wants to give Dross a go.

Radio Times: Battle ensues at Brookfield.

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  • Desperately worried as Alistair lapses deeper into depression, Shula decides to tackle Ruth and David herself. She tells them how badly their sacking Alistair has affected him. Ruth and David are upset, but try to point out that business decisions are not like family ones; the head has to rule the heart. They also try to tell Shula that Sam was behind it all, but Shula’s in no mood to listen. If Alistair loses his business, they will be responsible.
  • Someone else isn’t happy with decisions; Clarrie’s smarting over Susan’s decision to take over the making of the Christening cake. But Susan didn’t mention the marzipan, so Clarrie decides that it can become her contribution.
  • Fallon’s off to Glastonbury, but not before she has further thoughts about Ambridge’s own festival. She wants Ed to revive Dross for the occasion, and phones to ask him. Ed’s not so sure; a lot’s happened since the days of Dross, and he can’t see it working, but Fallon’s really keen.

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